ESG Solutions

Sustainability is imperative to remaining competitive which is why every industry benefits from efficient ESG tracking and reporting.

Industries in need of ESG Management

Financial Services

Investors understand that if a company is not using sustainable practices, it could pose financial threats. Hydrus allows for a deeper understanding of your company’s sustainability standards and makes it easy to reduce the negative ESG exposure of their investment portfolios, and promote more responsible business disciplines.


The technology industry is rapidly redefining the way humans live through a combination of software-driven digital transformation and machine learning. Organizations within the software and hardware context can improve operations, profitability, and confidence through managing ESG factors and actively marketing initiatives to ensure social factors such as diversity and inclusion are met.


The world is reliant on energy, and like everything else in the world, it comes in all shapes and sizes. Energy can come in the form of solar energy, hydrogen energy, oil and gas, etc. Actively managing ESG factors in all energy industries not only helps investors by meeting their sustainable investment standards, but also helps them satisfy their fiduciary duty. ESG transparency leads to a positive impact to reputation and attracts investment.

Consumer Packaged Goods

Consumer good producers have something that most industries don’t: a depth of expertise in understanding consumers and inspiring them to change their behavior. A brand’s devotion to being environmentally-friendly has a direct influence on stakeholder investment decisions as well as consumer buying decisions. The best way to express a sustainable shift in your company is through an ESG report. Hydrus automatically creates it for you and ensures your company is not “greenwashing” since rankings can be proven with quantifiable numbers.

Transport & Logistics

Companies that monitor their electricity, natural gas, water, refrigerate, and other resources usage on a granular level are better positioned to maintain trust and reduce supply chain disruptions.

Our experience serving the transport & logistics industry includes Fortune 500 companies with a global presence.

Fashion & Apparel

With changing consumer preferences, ESG analytics and branding is becoming the norm in fashion and apparel marketing.

Agriculture & AgTech

Climate change has impacted our environment and will continue to do so whether corporations choose to acknowledge it. With the condition our planet is in, committing to a sustainable business model should no longer be the sprinkle on top to a company.


Modern Corporate Strategy:
The Urgency of ESG Reporting + Analytics

Learn the details on why companies should care more about ESG, discover the essential reporting metrics and standards for this financial investment approach, the industry trends and claims, and more about what can do for you.

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