Digitally transform your organization's ESG strategy.

HYDRUS Complete

Leveraging technology for ESG focusing on the 3 pillars of sustainability: environmental, social, and economic. Prevent fraud with our database, build trust, and improve shareholder confidence.

Data, all in one place.

Make it easy to visualize sustainability data in an automated, fraud-free manner to improve transparency.

Personalized interface

Create multiple interfaces for executive management, middle management, employees, and investors.

Highly configurable & company specific

Tailor your data, metrics, and dashboard to your industry demands.

The Three Pillars

Sustainability Management involves striking a balance between the 3 pillars and asking challenging questions to ensure a bright future in your organization.


CO2 output, water usage, power usage, and much more visualized with time series forecasting.


How happy are your employees? Measure happiness, satisfaction, and drive retention with the employee happiness index.


You’re making a dollar successfully today. But how sustainable is that revenue in the long run?

HYDRUS Showcase

Showcase your sustainability metrics through simple and intuitive dashboards to stakeholders.


Internal dashboards allow you to take action. Choose the metrics that matter to you and your team for improvement and monitoring.


Present sustainability data in a clear and concise manner to investors, advisors, outside organizations, auditors, and more.

Fraud prevention

Build trust with Hydrus’ cryptographically secure ledger database ensuring that data has never been tampered with.

Let Data Be Your Advantage

Most organizations have valuable troves of data that can yield insights on environmental and social impact that key stakeholders yearn to know. 

Transformation starts at uncovering and analyzing the data, and then visualizing to tell an actionable story through discovered metrics.

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