Introducing: Sustainable Governance

Hydrus Apollo

Best-in-class software platform for automated ESG data reporting and analytics. Prevent fraud with our ledger database, build trust through transparency, and improve shareholder confidence.

Single source of truth

Centralized platform to report, predict, and analyze material ESG factors.

Fully autonomous

Automatically ingest various ESG metrics through pre-built data pipelines.

Highly configurable

Tailored to fit your specific industry and complies with SASB and TCFD reporting standards.

ESG Factors

Sustainable decision making involves managing ESG holistically and mitigating long term risks through quantitative analytics and forward thinking.


Carbon output, water usage, power usage, and other metrics combined with time series forecasting.


Track social sentiment, satisfaction, and improve retention through Hydrus Dionysus.


Quantify governance with natural language models and extract insights on industry competitors.

Hydrus Showcase

Distribute your ESG reports through simple and intuitive dashboards to stakeholders.


Internal dashboards allow you to take action. Choose the metrics that matter to you and your team for improvement and monitoring.


Present sustainability data in a clear and concise manner to investors, advisors, outside organizations, auditors, and more.

Fraud prevention

Build trust with Hydrus’ cryptographically secure ledger database ensuring that data has never been tampered with.

Governance is everything!

It is a philosophy that takes human nature and collective action problems seriously. By modeling agents and thinking about the rules of a system (corporate or city governance) you can get a long way in seeing where problems tend to arise.” 

– Michael P. Gibson

Partner @ 1517Fund. Previously @ Thiel Capital.

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