ESG Data Reporting & Analytics Software

Product Overview

Corporate ESG Powered by AI

  • In modern times, it's very hard to satisfy environmental, social, and governance in ways that balances the interests of shareholders, employees, and corporate leadership alike.

How It Works

  • HYDRUS is AI driven software that provides forward looking analytics and data fraud prevention so your organization is more transparent and agile, thereby increasing shareholder confidence.


Intelligent Analytics

Visualize your metrics and make them understandable in 2D or 3D. Drill down to specific business lines and figure out what’s going on. No more 100+ page long reports or clunky PDF/Excel files to email around.


Fraud Prevention

Hydrus is built on an append-only ledger database to ensure that reported sustainability data cannot be fraudulently changed and all actions are logged for full transparency. Our software is engineered for the future and fully runs on Amazon infrastructure.


Real Time Reporting

Follow and comply with internationally recognized sustainability reporting frameworks to ensure better transparency and shareholder confidence. New data is refreshed real-time. No more stale and incorrect data.


Driven by AI & ML

Hydrus leverages machine learning algorithms to help your organization predict where common metrics are going. Data is refreshed, updated, and can be presented to investors, employees, and partners on a regular basis.

Digital Transformation
in Corporate Sustainability

Traditionally, company ESG activities have involved tedious manual research, inefficient processes, and haggling with third party agencies that attempt to use a one-size-fits-all approach. 

Hydrus leverages your existing proprietary data paired with machine learning so you can own and transform your organization’s trust and confidence.

Get Started with HYDRUS.AI

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