Sustainability Data Management.

An Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) operating system.

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We streamline the ESG data collection, reporting, and auditing process so your organization can be more sustainable without the hassle.

What do we offer?

Centralized data collection and auditing

Real time analytics

Sleek ESG Reports

ESG Goal Setting and Progress Tracking

Centralized ESG Data

All of your sustainability data is stored in one place for you to access. Incoming data from your business locations is automatically sorted for easy review and auditing.

Real time analytics

Hydrus leverages machine learning to drive insights from real-time ESG related data to manage social factors and improve governance. Extract insights from competitors as ESG related events emerge.

Sleek ESG Reports

We automatically generate professional looking reports for you to show investors and stakeholders so that they can be more confident in your contributions to the environment.

ESG Goal Setting and Progress Tracking

Utilize your ESG insights to strategize short and long term goals for your organization. Leveraging machine learning, we suggest ways you can improve your performance over time.

ESG Standards We Support

Digital Transformation
in Sustainability

Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) has historically been seen as a cost. This reality is changing as data availability improves and sustainability becomes a top priority for investors, advisors, employees, customers, and governments. 

Hydrus’ software platform incorporates machine learning to detect ESG risks and can improve organizational resilience to unforeseeable shocks.

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