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ESG Data Reporting & Sustainability Marketing Software

Product Overview

AI Powered ESG Analytics

Supercharge Governance


Predictive Analytics

Visualize, track, and predict material ESG metrics on a modern platform that serves as a single source of truth. Drill down into nuanced data to identify trends. No more clunky Excel files and data silos to sift through.


Fraud Prevention

Hydrus is powered by ledger database technology to ensure data integrity and auditability. Our platform is scalable and runs on Amazon infrastructure.


Real Time Analytics

Follow policy changes, developments in academia, and changes to your organization’s data to make decisions and maintain a competitive edge. Data is refreshed in near real-time. No more stale or lagged data.

Powered by AI & ML

Machine Learning

Hydrus leverages machine learning to drive insights from real-time social and governance data to help you manage social factors and improve governance. Extract insights from competitors as social and governance related events emerge.

Digital Transformation
in Governance

Traditionally, ESG and governance in particular have been seen as a business cost and involves tedious manual research and inefficient processes. 

Hydrus leverages existing data paired with machine learning to reduce risk and improve your organization’s trust and business predictability.

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