Product Overview

Corporate ESG Powered by AI

  • In modern times, it's very hard to satisfy environmental, social, and governance in ways that balances the interests of shareholders, employees, and corporate leadership alike.
  • HYDRUS is AI driven software that provides advanced analytics so your organization knows exactly what's going on.

The Three Pillars

  • Sustainability is most often defined as meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs.
  • HYDRUS aims to help your organization balance the social and environmental aspects of sustainability with the economic aspect.

Digital Transformation
in Corporate Sustainability

Traditionally, corporate sustainability has involved tedious manual research, inefficient process creation, and haggling with third party ratings agencies that don’t have an understanding of your organization’s core problems. 

Hydrus leverages your existing proprietary data paired with machine learning so you can own and transform your organization’s sustainability.

Let Data Be Your Advantage

Many organizations have valuable troves of data that can yield insights on environmental and social impact that are relatively fuzzy and untapped. 

Transformation starts at uncovering and analyzing dark data, and then visualizing the data to tell a story through actionable metrics.


Preventing sustainability data fraud

Hydrus is built on an append-only ledger database to ensure that reported sustainability data cannot be fraudulently changed and all actions are logged for full transparency. Our software is engineered for the future and fully runs on Amazon infrastructure.

Leveraging Virtual Reality
Enhance Data Visualization

Data visualization in the realm of sustainability has traditionally involved long spreadsheets, boring slide decks, and graphs that are out of date. 

Hydrus delivers a software solution that is updated in real-time and pairs virtual reality technology so you can visualize your sustainable universe.