An Integrated Platform for ESG and Non Financial Data

Your organization's ESG operating system

Best-in-class enterprise software for streamlining data collection, reporting, auditing, and analytics. Leverage built-in data protection with our ledger database, build trust through transparency, and improve investor confidence.

Single source of truth

Centralized platform to report, predict, and analyze material enterprise performance metrics.


Store various metrics through pre-built API’s, AI powered data scraping, or through guided input.

Data Provenance & Integrity

End-to-end software where the data is not only centralized, but you can see how it has evolved over time.

Secure & Compliant

Supports GDPR, SOC II, and other compliance schemes. Data protection by default in transit and at rest.

Simplified Data Collection and Auditing

All collected data is centralized and automatically compiled for reporting and auditing.

Ease of User Adoption

Onboard in less than a week. New users learn how to use the Hydrus platform in under 30 minutes.

Data Automation

No more ETL, data pipelining, or spreadsheets. Integrate, push/pull data, and get started.

Audit First

Approve all incoming data with our auditing tools to ensure data accuracy.

Automatic ESG Reporting and Analytics

Have a more holistic understanding of how well your organization is adhering to ESG standards.

Global Framework Coverage

Support SASB, TCFD, GRI, UN SDG, EU Taxonomy, SFDR, CSRD, and other reporting standards

Quickly Export Reports

Exporting performance reports to PDF and Excel is as easy as pushing a button.

Dynamic Analytics

Look at how your organization’s data has changed over time with a variety of analytics charts.

Carbon Management

A dedicated management section for everything related to carbon.

Emissions Management

Automate emissions calculations with over 16,000+ emissions factors across EPA, GHG Protocol, and other regulators.

Scope 1, 2, & 3

Efficiently measure and track your direct and indirect GHG emissions. Scope 3? No problem!


Estimate how changing emissions will affect your reports using sensitivity analysis.

Hydrus Showcase

Distribute your ESG reports through simple, intuitive, and exportable data dashboards to stakeholders.


Internal dashboards allow you to take action. Choose the metrics that matter to you and your team for improvement and monitoring.


Present sustainability data in a clear and concise manner to investors, advisors, outside organizations, auditors, and more.

AI/ML Focus

Run a variety of AI/ML algorithms on existing data to perform trend analysis, detect seasonality, and find internal improvements.

ESG Factors

Sustainable decision making involves managing ESG holistically and mitigating long term risks through quantitative analytics and machine learning.


Carbon output, water usage, power usage, and other metrics.


Track social sentiment, satisfaction, and improve social factors.


Quantify governance with natural language models and extract insights on competitors.

Empowering collaboration between businesses to initiate a collective climate strategy

The Hydrus software has been incredibly helpful to us in making our existing sustainability data actionable, identifying emissions hotspots through visualizations, and drastically reducing manual data work.” 

– Chief Financial Officer

Highly Innovative Medical Devices Company

Get Started with Hydrus

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