Ensuring Data Accuracy with a Robust and Collaborative Data Review Process


Enhancing Data Accuracy Through Collaborative Review

Hydrus empowers organizations to maintain data accuracy by implementing a robust and collaborative data review process. This process involves comprehensive data validation, with administrators having the authority to approve or reject user-submitted data. Any data rejected by administrators is returned to the user, accompanied by explanatory notes, facilitating a seamless data correction and resubmission cycle.

Enhanced Data Accuracy

The collaborative data review process significantly enhances data accuracy by preventing erroneous information from being included in reports or sustainability assessments.

Efficient Data Correction

Users benefit from a streamlined data correction process, as rejected data is swiftly returned with clear explanations, enabling them to make necessary adjustments and resubmit data promptly.

Improved Collaboration

This collaborative review system fosters improved communication between administrators and users, ensuring that data quality remains a top priority while maintaining a transparent and constructive feedback loop.


Delivering Data Accuracy Excellence

Hydrus’ implementation of a robust and collaborative data review process has yielded remarkable outcomes for our client. Data accuracy, the backbone of any sustainability reporting, has been significantly enhanced. By preventing erroneous data from being included in reports or assessments, we’ve ensured the integrity and reliability of our client’s sustainability data. 

This collaborative process has also streamlined data correction, providing users with a clear and efficient means of resubmitting data after review. Perhaps most importantly, our approach has fostered improved collaboration and communication between administrators and users. This ensures that data quality remains a paramount concern while establishing a transparent and constructive feedback loop. The results speak to our commitment to data accuracy and our innovative solutions that drive it.

ESG Standards We Support

Hydrus.ai supports leading ESG standards like CDSB, TCFD, SASB, GRI, and more, empowering organizations to drive positive change with globally recognized sustainability data.

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