Energy Industry

The world is reliant on energy, and like everything else in the world, it comes in all shapes and sizes. Energy can come in the form of solar energy, hydrogen energy, oil and gas, etc. Actively managing ESG factors in all energy industries not only helps investors by meeting their sustainable investment standards, but also helps them satisfy their fiduciary duty. ESG transparency leads to a positive impact to reputation and attracts investment.


Analysis has shown that corporations that adequately regulate their environmental and social impact and have more solid governance practices (ESG) are more profitable and valuable in the medium to long term. There are various studies on this matter conducted by academics and financial analysts.


Modern Corporate Strategy:
The Urgency of ESG Reporting + Analytics

Learn the details on why companies should care more about ESG, discover the essential reporting metrics and standards for this financial investment approach, the industry trends and claims, and more about what can do for you.

ESG reporting & analytics is imperative to remaining competitive and attracting investment.

ESG Metrics in the Energy Sector


GHG Emissions

R&D into Renewable Energy Options

Optimizing Pipeline Systems

Water Efficiency


Prioritize Indigenous Inclusion/Engagement

Supply Chain, Distribution, and Marketing Management

Product Safety

Employee Diversity, Development, and Well-being


Board Structure and Composition

Accounting and Business Ethics

Strong Company Culture

Pay Alignment

Manage your company using our ESG Report

Hydrus' ESG report can interpret any environmental risk your company might face and help you learn how to manage those risks. As an ESG reporting company, Hydrus deeply values transparency and awareness. We choose to use an automated system so companies can truly understand what they are doing well sustainably and what they could change. Hydrus' ESG report can provide clarification on any environmental, social, or governance issues that often can be brushed off and overlooked, and make your company successful on a long-term basis.

"If you’re embarking on a major project development, determining the environmental trade-offs when making changes to your business or supply chain, or want to enhance your environmental reputation, [an ESG report] can provide the guidance and support you need to improve your bottom line value." -ADEC Innovations, an ESG Solutions company

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