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A reliable corporate house needs to recognize the importance of ESG and the ethical impact of its business model. Failure to adapt to the growing emphasis of environmental sustainability concerns could lead stakeholders to abandon them if they are not happy with their investment.


Analysis has shown that corporations that adequately regulate their environmental and social impact and have more solid governance practices (ESG) are more profitable and valuable in the medium to long term. There are various studies on this matter conducted by academics and financial analysts.


Modern Corporate Strategy:
The Urgency of ESG Reporting + Analytics

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Imagine your company at the forefront of sustainability.

Financial Performance with ESG

Company Profitability

Higher Profitability

More Stable Earnings

Higher Dividend Yield

Company Specific Risk

Lower Incident Frequency

Lower Residual Volatility

Lower Drawdowns

Systematic Risk

Lower Common Factor Risk

Lower Beta

Lower Cost of Capital

Why should the finance sector track and report ESG data?

Investors understand that if a company is not using sustainable practices, it could pose financial threats. Hydrus allows for a deeper understanding of your company’s sustainability standards and makes it easy to reduce the negative ESG exposure of their investment portfolios, and promote more responsible business disciplines.

“Companies with better environmental, social and governance standards typically record stronger financial performance and beat their benchmarks.” via a study done by Axioma, a risk management company

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