Transport & Logistics

The sustainability challenges in the transport and logistics industry are nuanced and changing day to day. According to the U.S. EPA, in 2019, 29% of greenhouse gas emissions resulted from the transportation sector.

Our experience serving the transport & logistics industry includes Fortune 500 companies with a global presence.

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Transport and Logistics companies that monitor their electricity, natural gas, water, refrigerant, and other resources usage on a granular level are better positioned to maintain trust and reduce supply chain disruptions.


Modern Corporate Strategy:
The Urgency of ESG Reporting + Analytics

We’ve helped F500 shipping and transport companies solve their most complex data challenges. Learn why a software driven approach is necessary to succeed in the competitive transport/logistics landscape.

Sustainability is imperative to understanding supply chain bottlenecks.

ESG Metrics in Shipping & Logistics


Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Water Intensity & Stress

Refrigerant Usage

Natural Gas & Propane Usage


Employee Diversity, Development, and Well-being

Safety, Labor Rights, & Equity

Supply Chain Distribution


Board Structure and Composition

Accounting and Business Ethics

Systemic Risk Management & Leadership

Pay Alignment

"We are thrilled with the Hydrus software platform because it has reduced the amount of manual work by at least 40% and opened up an entirely new world of strategic data analysis to improve our sustainability."
- Multinational Fortune 500 Shipping & Logistics Company

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