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With the rise of ESG in the past couple of years, investors, stakeholders and the organizations are becoming more particular with data revolving around the ESG space. This includes dealing with large datasets from vast source points, analyzing the information, storing, and make productive and actionable decisions. The only glitch with this entire ecosystem is that decision maker needs to hop between different platforms to arrive on common grounds. Additionally, there are multiple frameworks including SASB, TCFD, GRI, GRESB, etc., which comes with their own flavor of reporting methodology and style. Therefore, companies and decision makers are often lost ands up costing their value time and resources.

Here at Hydrus.ai, we have structured the platform by keeping all the pain points in mind. We position ourselves as a one stop shop for all your huddles. Hydus.ai is a new generation of web platform which serves end to end needs of an organizations Environmental, Social and Governance system. Hydrus platform will help you to extract, store, analyze and even report the data into any framework of your choice including SASB, TCFD, GRI, etc. Our various modules will help you to effectively in cost optimization and save time.

Core Value from Hydrus Platform

Data Automation

Our platform automates entire data collection process via connecting different platform, pulling data into one centralized location. This way the user does not have to bounce between different location. We offer API integration from data automation. This solves the initial data collection block and sums up in saving time and cost.

GHG Emissions Calculator

We have streamlined the tedious GHG emission calculation process. With over 16000+ emission factors supporting a global footprint. Data can be easily pulled from the automated data capturing mechanism into the carbon calculator. Platform also gives the flexibility of customization – Custom GHG Factors. Our platform also helps to connect the user with Carbon Offset market place where they can purchase carbon offsets by paying the price.

Data Visualization

Our platform helps the client to visualize the critical data in one place in near real time. Heatmaps, charts, graphs, other visual indicators and visual targets help the user to centrally analyze and take appropriate action if needed. Very helpful in standardizing diverse datasets.


Our platform is compatible with wide range of frameworks including TCFD, SASB, GRI, GRESB, CDP, EEOC, etc. Our clients do not need to master the basics of these frameworks; by just few clicks and basic data inputs, they can generate report in their choice of framework.


Our platform helps the client to fully audit end to end data. A full log of every data change made over time is maintained. This helps to address the basic questions including who made the changes? Reason for the change? Time of change, etc. 

Our Blockchain like ledger database ensures data integrity and helps to speed up the audit process up to 50% with a full log of every data changed. This feature gives us an edge over other players.

Our platform scales up all the sectors and industries.

The platform robust, scalable and very reliable. It also gives the users the flexibility to customs their own KPIs (Key Performance Indicators), Target milestones, choose from the existing library, etc. Fully hosted on Amazon Web Services cloud and we are SOC 1,2 complaint.

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Looking to enhance your sustainability program?

ESG Standards We Support

Hydrus.ai supports leading ESG standards like CDSB, TCFD, SASB, GRI, and more, empowering organizations to drive positive change with globally recognized sustainability data.

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