Unveiling Emissions Transparency with Hydrus

Hydrus Use Case


Revealing GHG Emissions Clarity with Hydrus

Emissions transparency plays a pivotal role in establishing trust with stakeholders and ensuring alignment with industry regulations. For our client, the need for greater clarity in their greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions calculations prompted a switch to Hydrus from a previous tool. While their former solution offered a basic understanding of their GHG inventory, it lacked the depth needed for transparency. The transition to the Hydrus platform provided our client with invaluable insights. They could now meticulously examine the calculation process behind each emission line item, including the precise emission factors employed.

90% Time Savings

AI-driven categorization reduced the time required to categorize 87,000 records from several weeks to a mere 1.5 hours, marking an exceptional 90% reduction in time expenditure.

70% Cost Reduction

The automation of this process resulted in a remarkable 70% reduction in the costs associated with manual categorization.

Higher Data Reliability

By employing AI, the organization achieved a significantly higher accuracy rate in goods categorization, ensuring the reliability and compliance of their sustainability data with reporting standards.


Delivering Exceptional Outcomes: Unlocking Efficiency, Cost Savings, and Precision

Hydrus’ platform revolutionized our client’s approach to emissions transparency. Before adopting our solution, they used another tool that provided a basic overview of their greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory. However, this tool lacked the depth required for comprehensive emissions transparency. Switching to Hydrus offered our client invaluable insights, allowing them to understand the calculations behind each emission item, including the emission factors used. 

This transparency enhanced their understanding of their environmental impact, building trust with stakeholders. Additionally, Hydrus.ai simplified regulatory compliance by offering clear documentation of emission factor usage and calculation methods. This use case highlights how Hydrus.ai empowers organizations to achieve emissions transparency, fostering trust and regulatory alignment.

ESG Standards We Support

Hydrus.ai supports leading ESG standards like CDSB, TCFD, SASB, GRI, and more, empowering organizations to drive positive change with globally recognized sustainability data.

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