Elevating ESG Performance: A Medical Devices Manufacturer's Journey


Data Accuracy and Streamlining Emissions Calculations

In response to their commitment to improving their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) performance, a renowned publicly traded medical devices manufacturing company turned to Hydrus.ai for a solution. Their primary goal was to elevate their ESG score significantly by streamlining their ESG data consolidation process, simplifying emissions calculations, and enhancing the accuracy of their disclosures. The challenges they faced included manual, time-consuming, error-prone data consolidation and emissions calculations, hindering precise ESG reporting. They sought a solution from Hydrus.ai to automate data consolidation, simplify emissions calculations, and ensure data accuracy, thus boosting their ESG score and reinforcing their dedication to sustainability and responsible business practices.

Doubled ESG Score

Hydrus.ai’s streamlined processes significantly improved the company’s ESG score, aligning with investor expectations and industry practices.

Improved Transparency

Hydrus.ai enabled accurate and reliable ESG disclosures, fostering trust and stronger relationships with investors and stakeholders.

Regulatory Compliance

Hydrus.ai ensured ESG compliance by automating updates and aligning with global standards, reducing non-compliance risks.

Strategic Decision-Making

Hydrus.ai provided precise, real-time ESG insights for informed strategic decisions, proactive sustainability initiatives, and identifying areas for improvement.


ESG Transformation: Achieving Excellence with Hydrus

Through the adoption of Hydrus.ai’s ESG Optimization Platform, the medical devices manufacturer achieved remarkable progress in their ESG initiatives. The platform automated data consolidation from diverse sources, gathering ESG-related data and ensuring a comprehensive view of their environmental impact. Advanced algorithms simplified emissions calculations, delivering accurate and up-to-date greenhouse gas emissions data. Rigorous data validation checks maintained data accuracy and integrity, bolstering the company’s ESG disclosures. 

As a result, the company doubled their ESG score in under two years, reinforcing their dedication to sustainability and ethical business practices. This ESG enhancement translated to improved transparency, regulatory compliance, and informed strategic decision-making. Hydrus.ai’s tailored solutions positioned the company as a leader in sustainable practices, fostering investor confidence, stakeholder trust, and long-term success in the realm of corporate sustainability.

ESG Standards We Support

Hydrus.ai supports leading ESG standards like CDSB, TCFD, SASB, GRI, and more, empowering organizations to drive positive change with globally recognized sustainability data.

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